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GV Cars and Coffee supported the fabulously successful Weekend at Brock's at the Shepparton Motor Museum on Sunday.

Hundreds of HDT vehicles including Toranas, Commodores, Statesmans and a smattering of other makes and models attend, filling the carpark on a beautiful sunny Winter morning.

The Brocky's meet followed a presentation by Peter Brock's brother, Phil, at the museum on the Saturday.

Having Phil there made the event all the more special as he was able to share a lot of memories about Peter and the HDT Racing team.



A troop of performance Nissans and classic Nissans are planning to visit the Shepparton Motor Museum on Sunday, June 5th.

Members of the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club (NDSOC) will be gathering on the Sunday at Kal Kallo BP Service Centre at 8.30 am to cruise up to Shepparton.

When the guys arrive at the Shepparton Motor Museum, prior to lunch, they can stretch their legs and see some beasts ("Godzillas") of Nissans inside. The current Legends of Bathurst display includes Nissan Skylines and Nissan Stanzas that have raced.

And they will be treated to what is probably the most complete collection of classic Bathurst Race cars to be assembled since their heady days on "The Mountain."

It is highly unlikely that such a complete collection of Moffat, Brock, Bond, Jansen, Johnson, Richards race cars from Bathurst will be in the one place ever again.

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A video snippet from the recent Ford Falcon GT Club of Australia's visit to Shepparton Motor Museum.  Muscle cars everywhere on this beautiful Autumn day.

Members visited the museum with a BBQ hosted by the venue and supported by GV Cars and Coffee providing cooks and parking marshalls.

Loads of fun.

For months we have been hearing about the trials and tribulations of Neil Heard's SS Torana hatch rebuild.

Before embarking on his beast of a rebuild on his 308 V8, there was a variety of dramas including problems with the gearbox until Neil decided to bite the bullet start from scratch.

It's not only been entertaining, it's been a lot of fun hearing about the issues as they've presented themselves and been solved by Neil and some fine mechanical minds he is surrounded.

This weekend saw the unveiling of the project and Terri took a prime piece of parking real estate at the museum for all to see.

The newly-repainted engine bay completed the look Neil was after.  The engine is more powerful than the day it was first used back in the 70s. Everything abot it is class.

So far as budget is concerned, that is a bit of a secret. I could guess but I'd be wrong.

The SS provided a great topic for discussion and the age-old Holden v Ford converations rang around the carpark with the arrival of the Ford GTs.

Oh, and Neil did his bit of parking marshalling complete with his LOUD HSV  top — much to the amsuement of many.

GV Cars and Coffee enjoyed unseasonally beautiful weather with the added attraction of the museum hosting GT Falcons.  Members of the Falcon GT Club Of Australia rolled up in their beautiful muscle cars to enjoy Emerald Bank and the Shepparton Motor Museum.  About 40 variants turned up, including some local GT owners.

For Cars and Coffee it was another day of conversation over a brew and catching up until the GTs arrived. For our club it was great to see one of our female enthusiasts, Jo Scouller, and the kids turn up in the "Supernatural" Chev!!!  Bazza Volk came in the HG Monaro.  Neil Heard and his newly-refurbished SS Torana was quite excitable.   We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed the GTs.  The museum is fast-becoming a very popular destination for car clubs. The feedback we are getting is they love the venue but more they love the friendly hospitality even more.


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Cars & Coffee is a gathering of like-minded people who enjoy motoring, good coffee and conversation. Mixed with the occasional club run to a foodie pub, we are fairly active socially. Hooning will not be tolerated and registration numbers will be passed on to local police. Offenders will be banned this is a family-orientated get-together. Safety is paramount for all involved.