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Rendezvous from Matthew Fisher on Vimeo.

I first saw this in my final year of primary school — the era of James Bond at his peak. It seemed entirely logical that real people did drive at 100 mph (in the old scale) across Paris at 5.30 am in the morning.

Watching this again, and reliving the throaty roar of the "Ferrari's" flat 12-cylinder beast of an engine makes me smile.

Now when you realise just how daring, how dangerous was this moment, you consider just how long someome would be jailed for doing this nowdays.

And there's the technical side to this. Forty years before GoPros, the producer found a way to mount and stabilise a film camera.

Over time it has been revealed that there has been some grafting of sound from possibly another engine and even a Mercedes-Benz instead of a Ferrari as the actual driven car. There are also various claims about actual speed being not what the producer would have people believe.

Nonetheless C'était un rendez-vous lives in urban legend as a remarkable short film from the 70s.

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