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A troop of performance Nissans and classic Nissans are planning to visit the Shepparton Motor Museum on Sunday, June 5th.

Members of the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club (NDSOC) will be gathering on the Sunday at Kal Kallo BP Service Centre at 8.30 am to cruise up to Shepparton.

When the guys arrive at the Shepparton Motor Museum, prior to lunch, they can stretch their legs and see some beasts ("Godzillas") of Nissans inside. The current Legends of Bathurst display includes Nissan Skylines and Nissan Stanzas that have raced.

And they will be treated to what is probably the most complete collection of classic Bathurst Race cars to be assembled since their heady days on "The Mountain."

It is highly unlikely that such a complete collection of Moffat, Brock, Bond, Jansen, Johnson, Richards race cars from Bathurst will be in the one place ever again.

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